May 15 meeting

We will be going on a photo adventure starting at 630 pm at Legion Park’s gardens and then go up to Chimney Rocks for sunset at around 750. Hope to see you there

May 1 Meeting

We will be judging our images from the SOA category from the Spring Competition. Great chance to hear some good feedback on how to improve your photos

September 8 Bedford Photo Walk

Our last and final Photo walk meeting of the summer. We will still have a few more photo outings on different days. We will meet at the Bedford County Courthouse on the square in Downtown Bedford at 530. I am going to try and get out of work early. We will tour downtown Bedford on foot. This will be on Tuesday since Monday is Labor Day

August 17 Members Choice Meeting

Don’t forget that our next meeting is a Member’s Choice presentation night. If you’ve never done one for the club, it’s easy. Simply put 25 or 26 pictures on a CD or thumbdrive and we’ll show the images/slideshows on the 17th. Let’s see some of your recent work. If you want a little extra challenge, you can set up your photos to the “Alphabet Soup” style in which each photo corresponds to a letter of the alphabet.

You can also dropbox a folder to me at

Scavenger Photo hunt.We will show the images on our December 21 meeting.

We will have 5 different scavenger hunts topics

  • Form of Transportation

Look for any form of transportation from a horse to a tricycle

  • Something Delicious

This could be an apple on a tree or the apple pie you just cooked.

  • The Color Pink

Create an image with the color pink in it somewhere

  • Leading lines

One of the great photographic composition rules. Here is a great blog about leading lines.

  • Self portrait

Create a self portrait at one of our outings



County Fair

Local County Fairs

July26-Aug 1 Bedford County
Aug 2-8          Clearfield County
August 9-15  Huntingdon County
August 22-29 Somerset County and Grange Fair
Aug 29-Sept 5 Indiana County
Sept 6-12       Cambria County