August 17 Members Choice Meeting

Don’t forget that our next meeting is a Member’s Choice presentation night. If you’ve never done one for the club, it’s easy. Simply put 25 or 26 pictures on a CD or thumbdrive and we’ll show the images/slideshows on the 17th. Let’s see some of your recent work. If you want a little extra challenge, you can set up your photos to the “Alphabet Soup” style in which each photo corresponds to a letter of the alphabet.

You can also dropbox a folder to me at

Scavenger Photo hunt.We will show the images on our December 21 meeting.

We will have 5 different scavenger hunts topics

  • Form of Transportation

Look for any form of transportation from a horse to a tricycle

  • Something Delicious

This could be an apple on a tree or the apple pie you just cooked.

  • The Color Pink

Create an image with the color pink in it somewhere

  • Leading lines

One of the great photographic composition rules. Here is a great blog about leading lines.

  • Self portrait

Create a self portrait at one of our outings



County Fair

Local County Fairs

July26-Aug 1 Bedford County
Aug 2-8          Clearfield County
August 9-15  Huntingdon County
August 22-29 Somerset County and Grange Fair
Aug 29-Sept 5 Indiana County
Sept 6-12       Cambria County


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