August 15th Meeting

On Monday, we’ll be in the library for a “Favorite Photographer” night. Some of our members will be introducing us to their favorite pro photographers. We’ll look at their work and see what makes it stand out. We’ll see what we can learn from looking at their portfolios. The meeting starts at 7:15pm.

May 2nd Meeting

Our next meeting is this coming Monday, May 2nd. We’ll be at the Hollidaysburg Area Public Library at 7:15pm.
The Competition Committee will be conducting this meeting. They have chosen one of our contest categories for us to judge amongst ourselves before we have the official judges take a look at them. Critique and constructive feedback are essential to learning how to create better photographs.

Sept. 21st Meeting

On Monday, the 21st, we’ll be back in the Hollidaysburg Library. Dave Hammaker will be giving a presentation on print making. He’ll give us tips on how to prepare your images and get good prints. We’ll also talk about the many surfaces on which you can get your photos printed. The meeting starts at 7:15pm in the community room of the library.

May 18th Meeting

Our meeting on the 18th will be at the Hollidaysburg Library at 7:15pm. We’ll be having a table-top night. We’ll work on macro/still-life/etc. Bring some flowers, knick-knacks, or anything else that might be interesting to photograph. Also, it would be great if some people brought lighting or light tents.