*November 5th Meeting*

On Monday, the 5th, we won’t be at the library. We’ll be meeting at The Film Center in Altoona. We’ll be checking out what’s new in the world of camera gear. Our meeting starts at 7pm when the store closes.


October 15th Meeting

Tonight we’ll be at the Hollidaysburg Library at our usual time of 7:15pm. We’ll be taking a look at some of the submissions for our recent competition and letting people judge and critique them. There will also be a showing of the pictures we got at our meetup with the antique car club a few weeks ago.

July 16th Meeting

For Monday’s meeting, we’ll be back in the Community Room of the Hollidaysburg Libary. We’ll be talking about waterfall photography. Preparation, planning, gear, composition, camera settings, and post-processing tips, we’ll hit it all. The meeting starts at 7:15pm.